As a torchbearer ministry, the COZA vision is ever evolving to accommodate God’s instructions to our Senior Pastors per time. In a season where it seems like values are no longer held in high esteem, God instructed a special conference for our families tagged "The COZA Global Family Conference" with a first edition which premiered in September 2017.

The COZA Global Family Conference is a dynamic event aimed at families and everything that has do with building a godly home and raising well rounded individuals who will in turn influence their immediate environment positively by their contributions using sound family values and morals.

At the conference, various customized sessions feature with a clear mission to balance the whole essence of marriage and family. This conference unites families and aims to re-align our families unto the divine purpose that God has called them to. It is an event that every family looks forward to whether married, newlyweds, singles, children, parents, expectant and nursing couples. If you are an individual and belong to a family, there is something for everyone as we believe that family is everything.