Introduction to Our Specialised Ministry

The Commonwealth of Zion Assembly has a range of specialized ministries designed to meet the specific needs and desires of its dynamic membership and the body of Christ at large while fulfilling our mission to reach the unchurched. We believe that as faces are different so needs are different also. Each ministry in COZA is unique and functions harmoniously to carry out our divine mandate as we bear rule on earth. We minister to people from tribe and tongue as the Lord enables us.

Our Music Ministry


The Avalanche


The Gratitude


The Makarios.

Our Media Ministry

Through our media ministry, we bring God’s word into practical everyday living. We uniquely communicate this through the media by engaging at various levels of pre, live and post productions.

The team ensures that all services and programmes held by COZA are captured in detail and communicated to its online and real-time members as well as reaching other audiences across the world through the 180 degrees broadcast of our Senior Pastor, the Reverend Biodun Fatoyinbo airing on KICC Television and TBN.

At our Word Factory, you can pick up inspirational books by a wealth of kingdom authors and key daily living inspirational books which include our inspirational word proclaiming daily devotional, “Decree Your Day” by our Co-Senior Pastor, Pastor Modele Fatoyinbo including an inspirational and directional daily devotion for your kids. Visiting the Word Factory guarantees, that your life be transformed as you increase your knowledge of the word and take charge of your destiny by practical everyday application of God’s word and promises for prosperous living!

Our media ministry of almost two decades has continuously raised the bar and set standards in Christian broadcasting across the world.


Our Childcare Ministry


At COZA we really do believe that we and the children the Lord has blessed us with are for signs and wonders! We are blessed by all our COZA family members who are committed and dedicate themselves to this ministry. Because of the commitment of such members and through the leadership and vision of our senior pastors, our facilities accommodate over 300 children who are taught the word right from a young age.

Our lessons are very practical and age appropriate as they apply to the daily lives of the children. Thus, if they do not come from homes where what we have taught them will be built upon, watered by our prayers we trust God to keep it in their hearts. The description of our activities every week, and strategies are put on ground to make sure we put in the child what they can run with till they show up the following week.

CREAM Singles Network


C.R.E.A.M is an acronym for Christ Rules Everything Around Me. This is the platform of The Commonwealth of Zion Assembly created to minister to the yet to be married members of the church. The objective is to raise upwardly mobile men and women that are well rounded and to prepare them for the next phase of their lives as it relates with their marital destiny and other aspects of their lives. CREAM is a casual service like none other. The meeting times will be communicated accordingly.


COZA Lady Finishing School


The COZA Lady Finishing School is the ministry arm of The Commonwealth of Zion Assembly ministering .to women of different tribes and tongues. The COZA Lady Finishing School was birthed by our Co-Senior Pastor, Pastor Modele Fatoyinbo, who has a strong passion to raise women of excellence and godly virtues.

This ministry has helped women reach out to one another in the church and community by sharing God’s love. It has also provided fellowship, spiritual growth, information, inspiration, and much more. The men have also benefited as their wives are being inspired.

Our Outreach Ministry

 COZA Cares Foundation

COZA Cares Foundation is a non-governmental organization (NGO) arm of The Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA), which is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. This vision was borne and birthed by our Senior Pastors, the Reverend Biodun and Pastor Modele Fatoyinbo, with the sole purpose of giving back to its immediate community and ensuring smiles on the faces of people who are vulnerable, less privileged and down trodden.


COZA Global Partnership


Because of the unwavering commitment of our partners, COZA can fulfil its mandate of reaching the unchurched, spreading the love of Christ and manifesting the prosperity of His kingdom here on earth, ensuring the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of our God and His Christ! Through partnering with COZA, many have been blessed and many others have shared awesome testimonies of God’s faithfulness, abundant supply and the manifestation of undeniable and supernatural exploits in their lives.

Sneek A Peek into Our Signature Events

 Introduction to Our signature Programmes

Every vision has its uniqueness and an exclusive blue print to ensure the fulfilment of the mandate proffered on them. For us at COZA, our man of God is constantly attuned to God to receive divine strategies as how to best interpret this torch bearing vision.

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The HUB Business Conference

Voltage Warship Services


Days of Glory Conference

 12DG and 7DG


COZA Global Family Conference