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child care

child care

The Childcare Ministry

At COZA we really do believe that we and the children the Lord has blessed us with are for signs and wonders! We are blessed by all our COZA family members who are committed and dedicate themselves to this ministry. Because of the commitment of such members and through the leadership and vision of our senior pastors, our facilities accommodate over 300 children who are taught the word right from a young age.

Our lessons are very practical and age appropriate as they apply to the daily lives of the children. Thus, if they do not come from homes where what we have taught them will be built upon, watered by our prayers we trust God to keep it in their hearts. The description of our activities every week, and strategies are put on ground to make sure we put in the child what they can run with till they show up the following week.

Our Childcare Ministry runs with the church's vision of raising a takeover generation. We carry out this mandate by ensuring we: build a foundation of God’s word in their heart ("All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children." Isaiah 54: 13), uproot any corrupt seed sown into their heart by the devil, help discover their difference, talents and abilities and help deploy them according to the will and purpose of God for their lives and bring up our children as shining examples through which other children in the world might be saved.

We encourage parents to quiz their kids about what they learnt in church and build on it. The children’s church can never play the part that the parent is supposed to play in the child’s spiritual life and, so we encourage the parents to play their part as well.

LEADERS IN TRAINING (LIT) AND DISCOVERY CAMP We believe that every child is specifically designed, pre-packaged and custom-made for their God-given assignment. Our goal in the children’s church is to nurture them in the way they should grow. Our vision is to see children grow in God’s word, so they develop an understanding and relationship with Him that continues into their adult life. We are deliberate in fulfilling the mandate of raising a takeover generation of leaders and to help chart the destinies of children according to the will and purpose of God for their lives. At COZA, we are committed to raising our children as shining lights through which other children in the world might be saved. We help our children discover their talents and abilities early enough, develop and deploy them.

In fulfilling our commitment to the future generation, we have designed the “Leaders in Training” (LIT), and “Discovery Camp for Kids”. Both programmes hold annually during the summer vacation for children within defined age groups. During these programmes, they are equipped with life skills covering entrepreneurship, arts & crafts, music, dance, drama amongst others.